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I was tagged to #stopdropandspin by @luvlymoonwall, so here I am spinning to a little #BeatsAntique … I will pass it on to @yeahhhsukkka … who I’m excited to say I saw hooing the other day … @hoopyourheartout, and @hippiebabysitter_710. … that was tough … I need to follow more hoopers … LOL


Earth is not the only planet in our solar system with auroras. As the solar wind—a stream of rarefied plasma from our sun—blows through the solar system, it interacts with the magnetic fields of other planets as well as our own. Saturn’s magnetic field second only to Jupiter’s in strength. This strong magnetosphere deflects many of the solar wind’s energetic particles, but, as on Earth, some of the particles get drawn in along Saturn’s magnetic field lines. These lines converge at the poles, where the high-energy particles interact with the gases in the upper reaches of Saturn’s atmosphere. As a result, Saturn, like Earth, has impressive and colorful light displays around its poles. (Image credit: ESA/Hubble, M. Kornmesser & L. Calçada, source video; via spaceplasma)

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